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Your vote is a precious right, so why should you lend it to me?

January of 2010 sounds like a long time ago, but not to me when I think about my almost eight years learning and growing in the world of our cityís government.

When I ran for reelection in 2013 I shared an assessment of my first term experience and impact. I spent a lot of time talking about the immersion that kind of has to happen in order to get a grasp of all of the various departments, agencies, and interconnections that are part of running a full service city like Kirkland. (That immersion really never goes away, you just build on it) I laid out an assessment of first term accomplishments that included our ethics polity, our continued outstanding financial performance, steps we took to lighten the burden of impact fees on our business community during the recession and recovery, our commitment to Totem Lake and economic development . I talked about the success of our final annexation and strategic decisions we were making to prepare for 2021 and the loss of the annexation sales tax credit (almost 4M) that will go away.

Since 2014 things have continued at a furious pace. We completed the first phase of the cross Kirkland Corridor and it has become an iconic symbol of what Kirkland can and should accomplish. We undertook the most ambitious planning effort in the history of our city, soliciting an amazing level of feedback from our community in multiple open forums, town halls and on line updating EVERYTHING from our comprehensive plan to the process to assure our neighborhood plans have a process for updating. (a total of 15 bodies of work) We pursued economic development ambitiously by setting up the infrastructure at Totem Lake to entice development and now are watching the Village at Totem Lake come to fruition. Kirkland Urban in downtown Kirkland is DEEP in the ground and the three giant cranes are a testimony to the aggressive schedule for completion phased over the next few years.

One of the things that I have learned over 7 years on council is how important local government really is. From our role in transportation in and outside of Kirkland, to our relationship to the lake, the sound and our environment, from concern about deteriorating infrastructure in our water and waste water systems to crafting contracts for the provision of garbage, water, power and wastewater. It is a fascinating and very important body of work and I am proud to tell you we are serving you well. Iím working hard on behalf of the citizens in our community to make the right decisions regarding everything from land use to the provision of Emergency Medical Services.

I love this job! I like being able to sit down with any of you at my shop or any of the 10 plus Starbucks across the city and hear whatís going on and what you think about it. Your concerns are my concerns. Your opinions help shape my opinions. We will not always agree but I will always take your perspective into consideration.

In planning this campaign, I ask myself, why do I really think you should reelect me to our city council?.

I think itís because we share a sense of what a fabulous city this is and can continue to be. I think itís because our vision of the future of Kirkland is simply to be the best that Kirkland can be. I believe I will reflect that for you. I love the fact that so many families in our community have lived here for generations and continue to want to or having left have come back. I love that so many want their kids to grow up in Kirkland, on our waterfront, in our parks, in our parade.

No matter what, I promise you that I will be available and I will listen. Regardless of the issue or whether we agree or disagree before coming to a decision I will always listen. I will always research your issues and perspectives and I will always take them into consideration before I make the best decision I can for the city of Kirkland and the people I am privileged to serve. Thanks for being here, thanks for listening and thanks for your support.

Stay tuned for updates.   Penny

Re-Elect Penny Sweet for Kirkland City Council
phone: 425-822-2907
fax: 425-827-4455
cell: 425-765-5576

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